2 & A Half came into existence when the real gourmet, MO, the founder of 2 & A Half,
thought of giving his passion for food a new name. Before plunging into the act of opening
his new brand and wooing the food lovers with yummy varieties of burgers and sausages,
he made his own research, trot the globe to acquire knowledge about the succulent
burgers, delicious sausages, fries, milkshakes and more!
Whether those nuts for nachos or fries fanatics wanting to try some beer battered fries can
take a dig at the awesome variety offered by 2 & A Half! Dabbling with the green feel or
enjoying some smoky taste- the sensory overloading tiered beef patty or (meat of your
choice) with the ‘wow’ layering of cheddar cheese, lettuce, Spanish onion, tomatoes, dill
gherkins and more is sure to make anyone go food-crazy to the core! Those who have an
affinity for milkshakes can taste the awesome ones that form an integral part of 2 & A
Half’s dream menu apart from the juices and soft drink options that meet your eye!

Address: 1 / 206 Commercial Road, Prahran, VIC 3181
Contact: (03) 9191 6755
Website: www.2nahalf.com.au