Stockradar employs a long-only (buy-only) trading strategy to achieve absolute returns.
The objective is to grow client portfolios every single year, regardless of movements in the
wider market. The key plank of our strategy is in maximising gains, and keeping your
capital safe. Stock selection is determined by a consistent and systematic method, based
on an algorithm I have developed to identify up-trending stocks. It combines trend, volume,
moving averages, and momentum price indicators to achieve absolute returns under all
market conditions. Stockradar was founded by Richard Lie in 2002, to provide an
independent alternative to fundamental analysis. Lie pioneered the use of technical
analysis at Dow Jones in London between 1991 and 1996. Before that he began his
career trading futures and options for leading financial institutions, including the Australian
Bullion Company, and in the Equities Division at NAB. It’s Richard’s intention to make it
easier for people to make decisions in the stock market.

Address: 88 Canterbury Place, Middle Park, Victoria, 3206, Australia
Contact: 0419563593