At Tenlawson, I have created a hair salon space where my clients can come and
surrender, relax and be themselves. It is a deliberately sensory, creative space inspired by
art, music, fashion and my experiences over the past 20+ years as a hairdresser in
London and Melbourne. It is never static. It lends itself to our clients who are invariably
interested in art, creativity and beautiful environments.
At Tenlawson we are creative with you and your look. The environment stimulates our
creative way of thinking. That is the core of what we do. To provide a wonderful,
professional, kind, nurturing service.
My philosophy of hair is simple. When clients leave my salon, I want them to feel
wonderful, with soft, natural styles that work day in, day out. I want people to be
empowered, confident and satisfied with the service, and agree that they have come to a
place, where they have been very well looked after, listened to and understood.
The evolution of Tenlawson to include shows by local artists makes perfect sense. Recent
sellout exhibitions have featured the works of Robyn Rich, Catherine Hull-Sinclair, Sarah
Enticknap and Reaghan De Mathers. I studied art history so it’s a lifelong love affair. I love
collaborating with artists and my clients seem to really connect with the work.

Address: 2/192 Bridport Street, Albert Park 3206